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Torlon 4203

Purple Plectrums

  • $ 95.00

The holy grail of exotic industrial plastics, the Torlon 4203 or PAI, polyamide-imide.  Known for use in Aerospace electrical components, it’s known for it’s high strength and heat resistance.  How does this all translate into a plectrum?  Well, you’ll get an indestructible pick with superb friction coefficient and out of this world playability.  This material along with PEEK and Ultem are among the best of the best industrial plastics and they represent our top shelf merchandise.  The pick is handcrafted, sanded and polished to perfection with the process taking well over 2 hrs to make one.   Models can be spec'd out between 5-10mm thickness.  You can choose a high polish finish or a brushed contact finish for added grip.  you can also specify sharp or rounded bevel or tip.  Please specify your choices in the note section of your checkout otherwise default finish is my choice.  Rock on…

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