About us

Greetings, I’m Kori, the creative energy behind Purple Plectrums.  I took over the reins from Tad back in 2019, he founded Purple Plectrums in 2013. Earlier in life after college I worked in the fast paced Finance sector where I learned a lot about sales and marketing. Later on I started a home remodeling business where I developed my shop skills and applied my creativity to remodeling clients’ homes.  Hands on construction with a small crew.  I also founded PixelBlue a small design boutique back in the 90’s specializing in branding, web development and 3D animation.  I was one of the early pioneers in designing creative websites incorporating 2D and 3D animation with action scripting.  I have deep interest in history, philosophy, astronomy, spirituality and psychology but my biggest love has always been rock music which has played a huge role in my life.  I first picked up a guitar as a young teen, belting out ‘smoke on the water’ to the dismay of my parents and neighbors.

Now the circle of life feels complete as I return to music business, crafting one-of-a-kind bespoke plectrums.  These picks are not only beautiful works of art but also functional, precision instruments that are ergonomically designed for comfort.  As we shred and play this instrument we all love, I’m excited to contribute to the world of music.

The shop is located on the Eastern Shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, immersed in the breathtaking beauty of estuary nature. This natural setting serves as a source of creative inspiration to me. Operating exclusively on renewable solar energy, the shop proudly holds the distinction of being a carbon-neutral green business.

Much like nature and music, which profoundly inspire me, I hope my plectrums reflect this inspiration and evoke emotions that are difficult to explain. My goal is to not only create functional and artistic pieces but also to inspire you in meaningful ways.

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