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Thank you for visiting Purple Plectrums We create artisan crafted precision guitar picks, using the highest-grade materials (with outstanding wear resistance and low friction coefficient) along with a custom manufacturing process that results in a smooth, soft, velvety feel that is a pleasure to hold and an experience to play Our custom-designed shapes have been refined over years of collaboration with guitarists to provide greater control and comfort, allowing you to keep a more relaxed hand while playing.  Purple Plectrums have great acoustical properties that generate a warmer tone with greater resonance and less pick noise; they yield to the strings more easily, providing a smoother playing experience that you’ll love.  We craft plectrums from Torlon, Peek, Ultem, Acrylic and various super grades of UHMW-PE (and…all plectrums proudly made in Maryland, USA)

A word on our picks…
You might be asking why you should try a Purple Plectrum pick.  Well, if you don’t want to sound like everyone else, why would you play what everybody else is using?  To expand on the custom shapes we mentioned above, you will notice that our picks are considerably thicker than most other pick manufacturers.  Our thinner picks are around 5mm while the thicker picks go up to 25mm depending upon the model!  The thickness in the “body” of the pick (where you normally hold it) being thicker allows your hand to relax.  This is helpful not only if you have any type of hand fatigue, carpel tunnel, etc., it is equally nice if you want to maximize your tone while minimizing the effort to achieve it.  The “tips” of the pick are expertly beveled/sharpened to promote perfect contact with the strings.  The material along with the tip (or “tips” if you are looking at the Blade, Mythos or Aphaia models) allow the pick to glide across the strings, with minimal “pick chirp”.  The UHMW-PE material that the majority of our picks are made from is unlike anything you have ever used (UHMW-PE is “Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene”).  Our custom process produces a pick that is soft to the touch while still remaining hard and sharp.  The comfort of these picks is unrivaled and the tone is unmatched.  Please look around the shop, read some of the reviews that our loyal customers have left and let us know if you have any questions.  Welcome to the Purple Plectrum family!
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