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20% discount on all of our Mid-Tech models throughout the month of March.  prices in cart are discounted prices.  for our handcrafted models we are offering a free upgrade to optics with any base handcraft purchase.  you can leave us a note in the cart about preferred colors and materials or just leave it to us if you like.  planning to make many beautiful plectrums in March.  God Bless and thanks for all the support and love


 *** Shipping UPDATE:  all shipping costs are waived until further notice  


Thanks for visiting Plexstrum home to Purple Plectrums. We create artisan crafted precision guitar picks. We use the highest-grade materials with outstanding wear resistance, low friction coefficient, and a custom manufacturing process that results in a smooth, soft, velvety feel that is a pleasure to hold. Our custom-designed shapes have been refined over years of collaboration with guitarists to provide greater control and comfort, allowing you to keep a more relaxed hand while playing. Plexstrum Plectrums have great acoustical properties that generate a warmer tone with greater resonance and less pick noise. They yield to the strings more easily, providing a smoother playing experience that you’ll love.


We craft plectrums from Torlon, Peek, Ultem, Delrin and various super grades of UHMWPE (All Plectrums made in Maryland USA)
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We do our best to get all orders out the door within a week.  We are a small family of craftsmen and pride ourselves in delivering the finest custom crafted guitar picks.  We are also certain you will love them the first time you hold them in your fingers and play with them.

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