Plectrum Gallery

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Hand Crafted and PEEK micro


Out to Mr. Rob


Latest Batch



(CW) XLS (UHMW) 25 mm thick, Spade (Delrin) 8 mm, White and Blue Scallon Mid-Tech, Hetfield (PEEK Bearing Grade) 12 mm and Hetfield (Torlon) 6 mm

Scallon with thick point grind - requested by customer.

XXL, Micro, Green Slash and the Asymmetric Serge

XXL at 25 mm thick

Two Scallon's

XLS and Scallon Solar


XLS and Scallon shown with some Hetfields.

XXL, XXS and 9 mm Shield.


Is the XXL the World's Largest Guitar Pick..

A Scallon and a Micro



Mid Tech - XLS, Spade L, Spade and Scallon (CW)

Mid Tech - Spade, Spade L and XLS (CW)

Mid Tech

White XLS, Ultem Shield, Slash and Scallon.

Forged and Mid Tech

"Hand Made" 8/14/16


"Hand Made" 8/04/16

"Hand Made" 8/02/16

"Hand Made" 8/01/16


"Hand Made" 7/20/16




"Hand Made" 7/01/16

"Hand Made" 5/25/16


Photo's of hand made picks by purple plectrums.

Two blades


Photo's of some Mid Tech's.