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Purple Plectrums

Amar Alhoch Signature Edition

Amar Alhoch Signature Edition

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Very excited to announce release of the Amar Alhoch Signature plectrum.  After 3 years of collaboration and representing Purple Plectrums, during this time he graced my Apollo pick and displayed his technical skills with some seriously blistering shredding, it was time to make him a special, tailored pick to his exact specifications.  Apollo being my smallest pick at 22x25mm, Amar felt he preferred a pick that was slightly wider for more thumb space but shorter for less deflection.  The result is a new square shape design with 23.5x23.5mm dimensions and 5.5-6mm thickness.  Each pick is handcrafted from the versatile thermoplastic UHMW-PE known for its warm tone and long life.  Be a shred monster like Amar 🎸🤘

"It was truly an honor working with Purple Plectrums over the course of five months designing my signature pick. Every detail on this pick is there for a reason bringing you what might very well be the most stable guitar pick on the market. The concept is simple! More stability = lighter grip = lower tension = more speed. And of course, no compromise! Speed without sacrificing tone, articulation, or dynamics, making this pick suitable for everything from shred to heavy riffs as well as more dynamic lower gain styles of playing.

The idea wasn't to put my name on a pick that is already there. It was about designing something that didn't exist; something unique... something special."

"Innovation never stops so neither will we. I plan to continue working closely with Purple Plectrums in the evolotion of my signature pick."

- Amar

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