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Purple Plectrums



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Introducing the YinYang guitar pick set, a fusion of musical yin and yang meticulously crafted from resilient Delrin. Like the dual forces in perfect balance, this pick embodies precision and durability. Its yin, a smooth glide across strings, harmonizes seamlessly with yang, a robust structure for endless play. Immerse yourself in the dance of creativity, where strength meets finesse in every strum. Our YinYang pick set is more than an accessory; it’s a symphony of performance, inviting you to explore the rhythmic equilibrium of music. Elevate your sound with the perfect blend – because in every chord, opposites not only attract but resonate.

Each set includes a pair of Apollo picks in black and white with the branded and distinct three rising and aligned drill holes.  The dimensions are 22x25x1.5 mm.  Long Live Rock and Roll 🤘

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