Welcome to Purple Plectrums!

Free shipping for US orders.  Free shipping for orders of $100 to Canada, Europe and Australia. Shipping time is around 3 weeks.  Stay tuned for new exciting models planned for release this year.  Most grateful for your love and support🤘

Thank you for visiting Purple Plectrums!  My picks are one-of-a-kind, handmade and made-to-order, one pick at a time, using the highest-grade materials known for outstanding wear resistance and low friction. My custom crafting process results in a smooth, soft, velvety feel—offering a pleasurable hold and a remarkable playing experience.

The custom-designed shapes have evolved through years of collaboration with guitarists to provide enhanced control and comfort, enabling you to maintain a relaxed hand while playing. Purple Plectrums boast excellent tonal properties, producing a warmer tone with greater resonance and minimal pick noise. They glide effortlessly over the strings ensuring a smoother playing experience that you'll love.

I create my plectrums from materials such as Torlon, Peek, Ultem, Acrylic or UHMW-PE.  I welcome you to check out the collection and feel free to ask any questions.  Cheers,


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