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Purple Plectrums

Andromeda / Doug Weiand Signature

Andromeda / Doug Weiand Signature

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Proud to introduce Andromeda, the signature pick release for Purple Plectrums artist and my friend Doug Weiand (@dougweiand). Doug is an immensely talented guitarist and composer known for his blistering speed, legato techniques, and exotic scales. He’s influenced by heavy metal, jazz, classical music, and rock fusion. His recent collaboration with @deathdealerunion have resulted in some awesome music with tasty heavy riffs. Check out his work and sound on his linked accounts.

The pick is based on the Mythos triangular design made from uhmw-pe with the unique galaxy design that also can provide extra grip.  The pick measures 30mm tip to tip and thickness is ~2.7mm.  Polished bevels and pointy tip will make this a very articulate pick with a warm tone.  Long live rock and roll 🤘   

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