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Atlantis / Nereus

Purple Plectrums

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Springing to life from the writings of Plato and now available here as a bespoke plectrum is Atlantis.  It’s legend was passed on to Plato who concedes that he learnt the legend of Atlantis from Solon who, in turn, got it from Egyptian priests that had preserved the tale on stone hieroglyphs.  Massive cataclysms ended this powerful civilization 11,500 years ago, which is the same date anthropologists recognize as the end of the Pleistocene and start of our current Holocene age.

Also springing forth from the pages of the Iliad, the father of the Nereids is Nereus (who predates Poseidon and Triton in mythology) was a shapeshifter with the power of prophecy, who would aid heroes such as Heracles.  Even Alexander the Great prayed to this ancient deity saying, "calling on Thetis, Nereus and the Nereids, nymphs of the sea, and invoking Poseidon the sea-god, for whom he ordered a four-horse chariot to be cast into the waves."

These two beautiful picks are hand crafted from high quality acrylic and measuring 30mm wide by 35mm long and 5.5mm thick with a nice sharp bevel.  The designs are a trident for Atlantis in clear blue aqua and a spear for Nereus in deep ocean green.  both are cross-drilled and fitted with brass tubelets, offering a stylish form of grip and finished off to a beautiful high polish.  The tone is a bit on the bright side compared to uhmw and it glides effortlessly like a speed demon over the strings with it's highly polished sharp bevel.  Rock on 

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