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Purple Plectrums

Convert Super Set

Convert Super Set

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The Convert set has been a popular package set and a great way to explore different sizes and thicknesses at a generous discount.  I am now offering a Convert Super Set which will include the original three models plus a fourth item the Apollo.  The Apollo is a Jazz III size pick and one of my top selling picks in the collection.  The four models in the Convert Super Set are Zeus, Achilleus, Ares and Apollo.

These picks are super comfy to hold with a soft velvety feel.  No more squeezing thin plastics.  They will last a very long time with superior wear properties.  They glide effortlessly over the strings with a slight warm tone about them.  We believe once you hold one in your hand you will understand why we have converted many into believers.

You can also ask for available color combos, default is standard black with white optics. 


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