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Purple Plectrums



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Introducing Zaal a design inspired by old Persian mythology from the poet  Ferdowsi’, Shahnameh (Epic of Kings).  The story of a brave warrior king abandoned as a child for perceived birth defects.  The story goes he gets adopted and raised by his own personal phoenix (Simurgh).  Later he rises from obscurity and returns to claim his kingdom and his legacy with the help of his beloved phoenix.

This model is designed on our Shield base model with 31x35 mm dimensions and 6mm thickness.  The design is cross drilled with brass tubelette inserts.  Made from the same high performance material, uhmw-pe (ultra heavy molecular weight polyethylene) with it’s super long life, warm tone and ergonomics that have come to be known for. 

Now available Little Zaal.  Same awesome design but on our smaller Apollo (Jazz III) model.

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